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Real Name: Jurijs D
Profile: I live and work in Tallinn (Estonia). Music - it's a hobby and a whole universe that can not be rejected.

Welcome to my worlds. Music is eternal. She was, is and will be. Always and everywhere. It simply moves from one dimension / time to another. All that we see around us, all that we call unreality or simply do not notice reflections of reflections (Mirrors of the mirrors) - this is the music. We just try to hear it. Therefore, all have heard and worlds. This is my worlds. The real worlds. How real? To decide not to me, and those who live in them.

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Footage Used
Mille - Crysteena ~ https://vimeo.com/17449557
Ray-Ban - Never Hide ~ https://vimeo.com/19216921
Superflow - Viusic Piece 09 ~ https://vimeo.com/13112747

Mille - Crysteena
Direction: Upper First
Production: Upper First
Photographer: David Einar
VJ: Transfett


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