Evolution Of Computers (1940-2018)

How did the reach the today's computers with historical development process where from begin of 1940's?

It really is a long process huge sized computers turn into the transformation of modern technology and this is the result of a stange journey.
We're talking about a journey that in the 1940's complex number calculators from today's iPhones.
So, what did stages of big machines that fill the rooms up to today and how did these machines become mobiles?

1.The Z1 (1936-1938)
The first programmable computer Z1 was created by the German Konrad Zuse in his parents' living room between 1936 and 1938.

2.1940's Computer
Innovations and improvements inside computer and technology it started to rise much faster since 1940.
Computers had transistor electronic lamps between 1945 and 1959.

3.ENIAC (1946) Computer
This is the first computer with operated electric and with data processing in its capacity. It consists of 30 main parts.
Weight: 30 tons Size: 167 m² Cost: 500.000 dollars (6 million dollars with today's money)

4.UNIVAC I (1951)
A computer created in 1951 after EDVAC they called UNIVAC. The UNIVAC was developed by the people who made the ENIAC computers.
UNIVAC is the first computer to store data using magnetic tape.

5.IBM 1401 (1961)
This one replaced the vacuum tube called that 1401, and with smaller and more reliable transistors and used magnetic core memory.

6.Kenback 1 (1971)
The first personal computer appeared at $ 750.

7. Apple I / Cray I (1976)
Apple I was designed by Steve Wozniak. Cray I was the first commercially successful vector handler.

8.Commodore PET (1977)
Commodore PET was the first of several personal computers released in 1977.

9.IBM PC / Osborne I (1981)
IBM's PC was speed up a rapid growth in the computer market.
Adam Osborne published the first portable computer which is the Osborne I. The amount of Osborne 1 was $ 1,795.
and the weight was the 10 kg.

10.Apple Macintosh (1984)
Apple introduced the first successful computer with mouse and graphical interface.

11. Macintosh IIfx / Amiga 3000 (1990)
The CPU was 40 Mhz and could reach 10 MIPS. Commodore revealed the Amiga 3000, the first 32-bit Amiga.

12.100MHz Pentium CPU(1994)
Intel created the Pentium CPU that was 100MHz.

13.Pentium 2 / Deep Blue (1997)
The Pentium I, had a larger cache and extended command set. IBM's Deep Blue PC was the first computer to beat Garry Kasparov in chess.

14. Windows XP (2001)
A new version of Windows, one of the three leading operating systems, has been released.

15. MacBook Pro - Intel Core 2 (2006)
MacBook Pro was Apple's first Intel based dual-core computer.

16. Apple Macbook Air (2008)
When we first became familiar with MacBook Air in 2008, one of the most talked about topics was the thinness of the device.

17. Apple Imac (2012)
When revealed in 2012 the new iMac was striking with incredible precision. The screen thickness of this new iMac was only 5 millimeters.

18. Windows 10 (2014)
Tablet and phone versions of Windows 10, which Microsoft announced will work on all platforms, were also introduced.

19. Apple Imac (2018)
The iMac Pro comes with a 27-inch Retina 5K display, offering up to 18 core Intel Xeon processors, and the best iMac to date with 22 teraflop graphics performance.

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